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Benefits of Membership

Members of NELA-Illinois benefit from the combined brains, experience, and work-product of their fellow members. In effect, membership in NELA-Illinois makes you a partner in by far the largest plaintiff-side employment law firm in the State of Illinois.

Through NELA-Illinois's website and listserv, members can get answers to questions in real-time, read and borrow from briefs, adapt pleadings, prepare jury instructions, and review practice tips from the most experienced plaintiff's employment lawyers in the state. In addition, NELA-Illinois publishes The Illinois Advocate, which is filled with practice tips and case-law developments, and puts on lunch-time seminars (some of which are open only to members of NELA-Illinois) on topics of interest to plaintiff's employment lawyers. Membership in NELA-Illinois gives you credibility as a plaintiff's employment lawyer.

Membership in NELA-Illinois also helps market your practice, both in the referrals you get from fellow members and the cases from potential clients who visit our website or call our headquarters. Last, but not least, members of NELA-Illinois enjoy the camaraderie of shared problems and similar experiences as advocates for employee rights—a camaraderie that is nurtured both professionally and socially through the formal and informal gatherings held by NELA-Illinois and its members.

If you are a plaintiff's employment lawyer who is not yet a member of NELA-Illinois, visit our website, talk to some of our members, and join today!

How To Join NELA-Illinois

We're so glad you're interested in possibly joining us. Here are a few helpful links:

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