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NELA-Illinois Statement On Ending Racial Inequality

NELA-Illinois stands in solidarity with and supports those experiencing and protesting racism, police brutality, and the gross disparities in the treatment of Black Americans in this country.  The killings of George Floyd in Minnesota, Ahmaud Arbery in Georgia and Breonna Taylor in Kentucky are only the most recent in a series of deliberate murders of African Americans. Those deaths are just the tip of the iceberg of systemic racism in our society practiced by individuals, businesses and government entities.


As attorneys and advocates for many experiencing discrimination and violations of civil rights in employment and elsewhere, we see the unfair treatment of African Americans regularly.  As lawyers, our members strive to ensure that our courts address this inequality, but there is still much work to do at all levels of government.  As an organization, we will continue to work to level the playing field in the courtroom, in the law, in employment and on the streets, through policy changes and legislative action.  Like so many others, we recognize that our institutions and our society must make major changes to end the current system of racial inequality.


NELA-Illinois will continue to fight to demand that each and every employer take stock of its business structure to ensure that it has a racially balanced workforce. Employers must provide their employees of color equal pay and advancement opportunities within their business structures.  We will continue to urge employers to conduct annual Diversity and Inclusion training while upholding those standards daily by actively and promptly investigating any claims of employees violating such policies. We will continue to demand that employers take the proper and necessary actions to ensure an unbiased workplace.  NELA-Illinois will continue to uphold the advancement of workers’ rights in the face of injustice. We can make a difference together.



NELA-Illinois Supports Workers During  The COVID-19 Crisis

NELA-Illinois thanks all essential workers for their service during this time.  

Below are links that may be helpful for all employees:

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